Leather Conditioner


Keep your new leather products soft and safe with Leather Rub No 3!

Made just for us, our leather conditioner is made to clean, protect, soften, and moisturize your leather product to keep it looking great for years to come. 

Each 2oz container has enough treatment to coat a tote many times. Can be used on totes, dopp kits, and more!

- Beeswax
- Castor Oil
- Sweet Almond Oil
- Lavender Essential Oil
- Shea Butter


- Test the conditioner on an obscure part of your item before use on the front. 
- Make sure your leather item is clean of dirt. Dab a little of the conditioner onto the leather and rub in with your finger or a clean, soft cloth.
- Use 1 coat every 4 - 6 months to help leather age beautifully!