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You’ve been looking at our journals and leather goods and love what you see….but you haven’t found just the thing you’re looking for—that special quote Grandpa Phil used to say or your family crest you’ve always wanted on a keepsake. Well this, my friend, is the end to all of your searching.

TODAY, for just $15, we can Laser Etch any image, phrase, quote, or logo onto any product in the shop.

Any image, any phrase... We can do it.

• • • • CUSTOM LASER ETCHING • • • •

We have made more than 100 metal branding stamps from our favorite images and phrases. We have options for travel, long distance love, gratitude and so much more. If you haven’t seen all of our Fire-Branding Images, see them all at the link below:

Maybe, however, in looking through our shop, you decided that you want something different, something UNIQUELY YOURS.

The Solution? We Laser-Etch YOUR image or phrase into our handmade leather goods.

This Laser-Etching process is different than our traditional Fire-Branding technique. Instead of charging $100 to make a custom metal stamp, we use state-of-the-art laser technology to etch your custom image or phrase into the leather. The stark black/brown color of the laser burn is a beautiful contrast to the rich, natural color of our heavy Cowhides. In short, it’s pretty darn cool.

►The laser etching process is only compatible with our DARK leathers, and is not available on Saddle leather. The laser etching process creates a black dust where the leather fiber is burned, which on light leathers like saddle can smear.

***Please read the full listing BEFORE purchasing or asking any questions!***

• • • • CUSTOM IMAGE • • • •

► We do not provide free design services, so you MUST submit your own design. Design work is timely and expensive. We are Makers. We make handmade leather goods and feel that our time is best spent hands-on in the workshop.


* Images MUST be solid black and white.
* No grayscale.
* No photographs.
* We can use any image file: .jpeg, .png, etc.
* Please send a high resolution image if possible

► If you do not have your own artwork and would like to commission a custom design, we charge $80 per image. Please contact us with any questions about this service.

• • • • CUSTOM PHRASE • • • •

We have selected EIGHT of our favorite fonts to custom etch your favorite phrase or quote.

When ordering, please select your font choice from the dropdown menu. If you are submitting an image instead, please select "image only." If you are opting for a personalized name or initials, you have the option to select your favorite font or an insignia from the examples.

We’ll size your phrase to fit on the product you order. Keep in mind that longer phrases will be etched in a smaller font size, and vice-versa.

► If you would like to use your own font, we invite you to either submit the name of your FREE FONT option or to submit a black and white image file which we will etch exactly as it appears.


1. Click "Add to cart" on this listing.

2. Look through our store and "Add To Cart" the leather product you would like... Don't worry about what image or phrase is branded in the leather, we are going to replace it with your custom image or phrase.

3. Add any written instructions for us in the "special instructions" box at checkout.

* If you would like a custom phrase, please DOUBLE CHECK your spelling, and make sure to specify your choice of font from the list pictured in this listing.

* If you want to use one of our designs IN ADDITION to your own, this is the place to tell us what you want for your custom item.
If you want to combine one of our designs with your own text, we prefer to laser etch everything to lend your item a cohesive look. If you prefer for it to be half branded, half etched please tell us so explicitly in the order notes.

4. Make your payment to complete your order.

5. Message us at to provide any written   instructions and attach the image or phrase you would like us to laser etch in your leather journal.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As full-time professional artists, we appreciate your support. Thank you so very much.

With Kindness,

Curtis Matsko and Caitlyn Pace

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